Julie Ganschow

April 14, 2017
Julie Ganschow, founder and Director of Reigning Grace Counseling Center and Biblical Counseling for Women, shares about women in biblical counseling and offers insights into handling emotional abuse in counseling.

Kyle Johnston

April 7, 2017

Curtis Solomon interviews South African biblical counselor Kyle Johnston. Kyle discusses the state of biblical counseling in South Africa including some of the strengths and challenges faced in that nation. Kyle is an Elder overseeing pastoral care at Jubilee Community Church and offers biblical counseling among a network of churches in Cape Town. Kyle also teaches Biblical Counseling at George Whitfield College.


John and Janie Street

March 31, 2017

In this episode of 15:14 Curtis interviews Dr. John Street & Mrs. Janie Street about life, ministry and their recent book The Biblical Counseling Guide for Women. Dr. Street also offers wisdom from his decades of biblical counseling ministry to those who are just getting started.


Jim Newheiser

March 24, 2017
In this episode of 15:14, Dr. Jim Newheiser draws on over 30 years of pastoral ministry and leadership in biblical counseling to discuss the relationship between preaching and counseling, the value of academic training in biblical counseling and other topics. 
Dr. Newheiser currently serves as Director of the Christian Counseling Program at Reformed Theological Seminary in Charlotte, NC and Executive Director of the Institute of Biblical Counseling and Discipleship.

Eliza Jane Huie

March 8, 2017

BCC Director Curtis Solomon interviews Eliza Huie regarding her new book Raising Teens in a Hyper-sexualized World.